Building Sanitizing Services

Put safety and hygiene first and your mind will be at ease!

With constant foot traffic created by employees, residents and/or customers, many property owners are realizing maintaining a clean and sanitized environment is difficult! Not to mention everyone is worried about their personal safety and concerned with just how clean the places they must go to purchase food, clothes, etc. really are. Property owners know there are several “high touch points” to clean and sanitize daily and keeping a steady supply of disinfectant wipes is nearly impossible. This is exactly where Restoration Toronto and our expert technicians can help you!

As restoration experts, maintaining a safe and clean environment to prevent the spread of airborne and microbial particles is not new to us–we do it every day. Our technicians are specially trained, experienced, and equipped to thoroughly clean and sanitize your building from top to bottom! We will use specialty equipment, such as industrial-grade air scrubbers, techniques, and CDC and EPA approved products that are designated as disinfectants, to clean, sanitize and help secure the safety and habitability of your building.

We have the capacity to offer professional cleaning services for residential structures and a variety of commercial structures including hotels, restaurants, fitness studios, hospitals, schools, medical facilities, offices, processing facilities, military barracks, assisted living centers and fire departments.

As a local, family-owned business, Restoration Toronto Team understands how important it is to be able to remain open for business while ensuring the safety of your employees, customers, and community. We are in this together! Contact restoration Toronto today to learn about our professional building sanitizing services and put your mind at ease!